Free lecture series with prior booking at [email protected]

In Situ. Inside the creative process of Joan Miró.
Workshop performance with Marta Ricart
An invitation to experience through performative research the creative process of Joan Miró

NEW DATE: October 29th
At 18h

Prior booking at [email protected]

Miró, Mont-roig, the wine Following the cry of the land
Dialogue and wine tasting
An opportunity to get to know how Joan Miró lived at the Mas, with the pleasure of doing so with a glass of wine from Cornudella in hand with he journalist Ruth Troyano and the director of the Mas Miró Foundation Elena Juncosa Vecchierini

Saturday 1st of October
At 18h

Prior booking at [email protected]

The Farm: shared paths between Miró and Hemingway
Conversation with Àlex fernández
o. Based on the painting by Joan Miró, Àlex Fernández de Castro (Barcelona, 1966), author of the book “La Masía, un Miró para Mrs. Hemingway” (The Farmhouse, a Miró for Mrs. Hemingway), recounts the links between the artist and the writer Ernest Hemingway

Saturday 8th of October
At 18h

Prior booking at [email protected]

Childhood rediscovered: looking at The Farm today
Talk by the architect Miquel del Pozo
When we stand before Joan Miró’s The Farm we find ourselves before the key piece in his early career:
the hinge work with which he concludes his first, aforementioned detailed stage, and the painting that opens the way to the later leap into the void.

Saturday 15th of October
At 18h

Prior booking at [email protected]

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