Miró Oníric: Surrealist Escape Room

First escape room about the work and life of the artist Joan Miró. A playful and educational outdoor activity for all audiences that brings us closer to the artist’s univers. A different way of approaching the artist’s values and entering into his universe.

They will break with the real vision to transcend to a larger vision, the vision of the surreal. During this journey, you will see the painting The Farm as a work that originates and compiles a large number of elements that will be present throughout Miró’s artistic life.

To get to know Miró’s work better is to understand the importance of emotions, of transcending reality and thinking differently.

To book the Escape Room contact with [email protected] or 644 713 261. (maximum 7 people)


60 minutes


Catalan, Spanish, English


15€ a 25€/person


2 minimum, 7 maximum, recommended minimum age 14+, under 8 free

Més informació

[email protected]
977 179 158
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