New Product: The long Journey of Joan Miró

Biography written by Gemma Gallardo

illustrated by Marta Altés.


Buy it at Mas Miró

Available in Catalan, French and English.


In the shop you will find accessories, gifts, details, children’s objects and educational games. You will also find local products such as wines and food products that reflect the link with the land of Mas Miró.


Featured Product: Miró Collection from JOIDART


Featured Product: Bookmark collage of the Farm


Featured Book: Joan Miró under Francoism, and The child who spoke with the trees of Josep Massot


The long journey of Miró illustrated by Marta Altés and written by Gemma Gallardo in CAT/CAST/ANG/FRA


Featured product: Roscottone of Orange and 70% of chocolate
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