Mira, mira… Miró!

Family activity for children

Workshop aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old with active and participatory activities that aims to bring children closer to the work of Joan Miró “La Masia” to learn to look at art and thus promote learning.
This workshop will be led by Miquel del Pozo, architect and art history educator.

Miquel del Pozo’s cultural dissemination project #MA140, (M)irar al (A)rte on Twitter(140), has gone beyond the virtual space and is currently materialised in conferences and sessions in different educational and cultural spheres. His fortnightly collaboration in the programme La Ventana on Cadena Ser and the annual art history courses he teaches at the Fundación del Museo de Prado are particularly noteworthy.



5th of June




60 min




Free activity

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