Video premiere: National Gallery of Art of Washington and Mas Miró.

Nov 25, 2022 | News

In collaboration with the Fundació Mas Miró, the museum has produced one of the most recent
audiovisual document to show its visitors and followers
the actual location that inspired the painting on display in one
of its galleries.
The video shows a conversation between Miró’s grandson, Joan Punyet Miró, and the Head
of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Art, Harry Cooper.

The centenary celebration of the painting “La Masía” culminates with the premiere of an
audiovisual document produced by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in
collaboration with the Mas Miró Foundation. With this premiere, the museum where
the original painting “La Masía” is exhibited joins the centenary of this work by Miró, which represents
the most important pictorial link between the artist and Mont-roig del Camp.

The documentary video, which can already be viewed on the National Gallery’s channel, creates a
bridge between the original painting and the real space that is represented, between the National
Gallery of Art in Washington and Mas Miró of Mont-roig. In this sense, the
celebration of the centenary of the painting has been an opportunity to bring the two
institutions closer together, also achieving, through this documentary video, to unite on a single
screen the painting “La Masía” and its original model, the Mas Miró in Mont-roig.

In this audiovisual document, Harry Cooper, Head of Modern and Contemporary Art at the
National Gallery of Art, talks to Joan Punyet Miró, the artist’s grandson. Creating a
play of perspectives, Cooper intervenes in the presence of the original painting, while Joan
Punyet Miró does so from inside the Mas, inverting the gaze of the painter at the
time. We discover once again the fundamental importance of the landscape
of Montroig for the artist and the relevance of the original painting “La Masía” in his career.
With images of the Mas Miró contrasted with the painting, Joan Punyet Miró and Harry
Cooper explain the history and the importance of this painting in a video
that takes us the farmhouse in a different way.

Nine months for the production of an unpublished audiovisual document.
The production of audiovisual documents by the National Gallery of Art includes a
wide range of material for the a wide range of informative and cultural material through which it has worked with
personalities such as Michelle Obama or the actor Ed Harris, among others. For this occasion,
the Washington museum has collaborated with the Mas Miró Foundation and the Miró Succession
to create this unpublished material. To develop the video,
a creative and technical process of almost nine months was process with all the actors involved,
which has given a dynamic and captivated document as a result. The video is also a window

onto the artist’s universal gaze and the global impact that Joan Miró’s work still has on the world.

The past is present.
Miró’s “The Farm”, the 100 th Anniversary
Canal Youtube National Gallery of Art

El centenari de “La Masia” de Miró, amb National Gallery of Art i Joan Punyet.
Youtube Channel Fundació Mas Miró

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