Activity for children May 28th at 11h

Miró’s house becomes “a story” perfect for children aged 3 to 5 with a theme that is familiar to them and easily identifiable elements, which constitutes a core of learning through art.

The children’s workshop consists of three different blocks, beginning with the identification of the objects in the painting, then you will see in detail elements found in the painting of ‘La Masia’ and other works, and will end with children painting their own artwork.

Miquel del Pozo’s chas made a cultural diffusion project #MA140, (M)irar al (A)rte en Twitter(140), has gone beyond the virtual space and is currently materialised in conferences and sessions in different educational and cultural spheres. To highlight his fortnightly collaboration in the programme La Ventana de la Cadena Ser and the annual art history courses he gives at the Fundación del Museo del Prado.

Recommended activity for children between 3 to 5 years old. The adults who accompany the children don’t have to purchase a ticket

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