Presentation of Siliquia with actor Pol López

Jul 5, 2022 | News

Premiere of a new sound show that immerses us in a plot contextualised in the Mas Miró. The presentation will feature the presence of the actor and writer of the piece, who will explain the creative process and what aspects of Mas Miró inspired him to create the piece. We will begin with a collective listening to the play, followed by reflections and questions.

In order to take part in the activity you need to bring a mobile phone and headphones suitable for your phone. If you do not have a headset, headphones with standard (Minijack) input will be provided, not iPhone headphones.

“Siliqua” is a poetic story that explores the absurdity of human existence following Miró’s command “to listen to the cry of the earth”. The work is based on the story of the tree in the farmhouse, portrayed in the painting “la masía”, the centenary of which is being celebrated this year. Inspired by different moments in the life of
Joan Miró, such as when the artist recovered from a state of poor physical and mental health and decided to devote himself to painting, the work invites us to question fundamental aspects of the meaning of life. Trees will be the protagonists of this introspection, and will accompany us through humour, in this plot rooted halfway between history and the magical world of nature.

From 10 July, the play can be heard at Mas Miró during the usual opening hours with general admission at the farmhouse.

Creation of the text: Pol López
Voices: Joan Soléand Pol López
Sound design:
Joan Solé Recording and recording: Can Sons

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